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Instructions for Applying for BISSC Third-Party Verification

  1. Standards Review
    Review the current edition of the ANSI/ASB/Z50.2 Standards book to ensure that a Standard exists for the equipment for which third-party verification is being sought and that, within that Standard, the equipment conforms to its specifications.

  2. Registration
    All companies wishing to obtain third-party verification of their equipment must be registered with BISSC.
    The Request for Registration Form must be accompanied by the registration fee which is renewable every January. ($440 in 2019)

  3. Authorization
    Companies wishing to obtain third-party verification of their equipment must submit an Application for Authorization Through Third-Party Verification Form for each piece of equipment to be verified, together with the appropriate fees. Again these fees are renewable every January. Applications for Registration and Authorization may be submitted concurrently.

    Note the following criteria for submitting Application for Authorization forms:

    • If the models of a piece of equipment to be certified differ only in size and are to be certified under a single Standard, a single form may be submitted together with a single Authorization fee ($260 in 2019).

    • If the models of a piece of equipment differ in any way other than size or are to be certified under more than one Standard, then separate application forms must be submitted together with the appropriate Authorization fees ($260 per application in 2019).

    • Multiple equipment having a different purpose (i.e., an encrusting machine versus an injector) requires separate Applications for Authorization even if such equipment is to be certified under the same Standard.

    • Multiple equipment having a single purpose (such as casters) and certified under a single Standard may be included on one application form.

  4. Submission
    Complete and return the above-mentioned forms, attaching a check made payable to BISSC to cover the Registration fee, if not previously registered, and applicable Authorization fee(s). BISSC will contact AIB International to inform them of the request for third-party verification. AIB International will contact the company to make arrangements for the equipment inspection.

  5. Inspection Fees
    Upon completion of the third-party verification, AIB International will invoice the company for the established inspection fee and applicable travel and subsistence fees incurred.

  6. Approval
    Upon approval, a Certificate(s) of Authorization for the approved equipment will be issued, valid through the last day of the year of issuance. The applicant is now authorized to affix the BISSC Verified symbol to the verified equipment. Symbols may be purchased through BISSC.

  7. Renewal
    The verification is valid for four years. Prior to expiration at the end of the fourth year, the equipment must re-qualify through the third-party inspection process to maintain the verified status.

    Annual registration and authorization fees will continue to be paid by the company.

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