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BISSC Registered Company

FoodTools Consolidated, Inc.

190 Veterans Blvd
South Haven, Michigan 49090
United States of America
Phone Number: 269-637-9969
Fax Number: 269-637-1619

Doug Petrovich

Design Requirements for Cutting and Slicing Equipment
 Models: CS-12, CS-12D, CS-5A3HC, ACC-100FS, ACC-100LS, ACC-200HS, ACC-200FS, ACC-200RS, ACS-100LS, ACS-200RF, ACS-100PC, ACS-100PC1, CS-8AW-1, CS-8AW-1TD, CS-8AW-2, CS-8AW-3, CS-8B-4, CS-8B-6, RPS-100, D-S-C, ACS-100PC-1A, ACS-100FS, ACS-200RS, ACC-200RF, ACS-200FS, CS-8B1, ACS-300RF, ACS-200HS, ACC-300RF.
General Principles of Design, Construction and Cleaning for All Bakery Equipment
 Models: CP-1H, CP-1F, CS-7B, ACS-100BC-18/25, CP-2F, CS-7C.
Design Requirements for Depanners and Delidders for Bakery Products
 Models: CD-9B, CD-9H, CD-9F.
Design Requirements for Cutting and Slicing Equipment
 Models: CS-1FP, CS-1A, CS-4AAC, CS-4A-SR, CS-5A, CS-RS, ACC-RSU, CS-10E, CS-10TFWA, CS-10TWWA, CS-10TWWSR, CS-1000, CS-2000, CS-2100RFI, ACC-1000UDFS, ACC-2100URFI, ACC-10USRW, ACC-10U2SRW, AC-10U3SRW, ACC-10UTS-1, ACC-10UTS-2, ACC-10UTS-3, TC-1, TC-2, TC-FA2, FMC-1A, ADD TS-1, ACC-2100U, TC-200, ACS-10MX, ACC10UX1,2,3.

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